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Título : Perceptions of a curriculum vitae clinic for conservation science students
Autor : Januchowski Hartley, Stephanie R.
Mantel, Sukhmani
Barber-James, Helen M.
Celi, Jorge
Palabras clave : Conservation
Curriculum vitae
Profesional development
Fecha de publicación : 2019
Editorial : John Wiley & Sons
Citación : Januchowski Hartley, S. R., Mantel, S. K., Barber James, H. M., Celi, J., Olden, J. D., Piccolo, J. J., & Hermoso, V. (2019). Perceptions of a curriculum vitae clinic for conservation science students. Conservation Science and Practice, 1(6), 1–7. doi.org/10.1111/csp2.37
Resumen : We led a curriculum vitae (CV) clinic aimed at student participants attending the 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB 2017) in Cartagena, Colombia. The CV Clinic was a pilot program consisting of resources to assist with developing an effective CV and involving preconference and at-conference reviews of student attendees' CVs. Here, we explore our experiences in organizing the CV Clinic as well as nonparticipant and participant perceptions of the clinic. We used an online standardized interview form to gather qualitative data on nonparticipant and participant perceptions of the CV Clinic, and to explore how such a CV Clinic program could best align with student needs. Most respondents who submitted their CV for review ahead of ICCB 2017 (n = 9) found the template and guidance useful. Half of the respondents who did not participate in the CV Clinic perceived the clinic as duplicating services provided by their academic institutions. Both par- ticipant and nonparticipant respondents perceived value in such a CV Clinic, but also believed that adjustments could be made to make the CV review part of a broader professional development program lead by Society for Conservation Biol- ogy (SCB). Key lessons learned from the CV Clinic include the need to: (a) document and evaluate professional development initiatives within SCB; (b) better understand and account for the diversity of student needs before program creation; and (c) pilot and evaluate appropriateness of different locations, fre- quency, and duration of professional development programs.
URI : http://repositorio.ikiam.edu.ec/jspui/handle/RD_IKIAM/105
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