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2022Analysis of energy future pathways for Ecuador facing the prospects of oil availability using a system dynamics model. Is degrowth inevitable?Espinoza, Vicente Sebastián; Fontalvo, Javier; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Mediavilla, Margarita; Miguel, Luis Javier
2019Biodigestores Tubulares: Guía de diseño y Manual de instalaciónMartí Herrero, Jaime Emilio
2020Biogas based polygeneration plant options utilizing dairy farms waste: A Bolivian caseVillarroel Schneider, J.; Mainali, Brijesh; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Malmquist, Anders; Martin, Andrew; Alejo, Lucio
2019Biogas from a full scale digester operated in psychrophilic conditions and fed only with fruit and vegetable wasteMartí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Soria Castellón, G.; Diaz de-Basurt, A.; Alvarez, R.; Chemisana, D.
2022Biomethane potential test applied to psychrophilic conditions: Three issues about inoculum temperature adaptationMartí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Castroc, Liliana; Jaimes Estévez, Jaime; Grijalva, Mario; Gualatoña, Monica; Belen Aldás, María; Escalant, Humberto
2023Current understanding and perspectives on anaerobic digestion in developing countries: Colombia case studyTavera Ruiz, C.; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Mendieta, O; Jaimes Estévez, J.; Gauthier Maradei, P.; Azimov, U.; Escalante, H.; Castro, L.
2022Energy self-sufficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions in Latin American dairy farms through massive implementation of biogas-based solutionsVillarroel-Schneider, J.; Hoglund Isaksson, Lena; Mainali, Brijesh; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Cardozo, Evelyn; Malmquist, Anders; Martin, Andrew
2022Energy Transition Scenarios for Fossil Fuel Rich Developing Countries under Constraints on Oil Availability: The Case of EcuadorEspinoza, Vicente Sebastian; Fontalvo, Javier; Ramírez, Paola; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Mediavilla, Margarita
2019Energy use of Jatropha oil extraction wastes: Pellets from biochar and Jatropha shell blendsRamírez, Valeria; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Romero, Michelle; Rivadeneira, Daniel
2019Experiencias Latino Americanas en la democratización de los biodigestores: Aportes a EcuadorMartí Herrero, Jaime Emilio
2022From laboratory to farm-scale psychrophilic anaerobic co-digestion of cheese whey and cattle manureJaimes Estévez, Jaime; Vera Mercado, Erik; Jaramillo, Juan G.; Rodríguez, Paula; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Escalante, Humberto; Castro, Liliana
2019Future oil extraction in Ecuador using a Hubbert approachEspinoza, Vicente Sebastian; Fontalvo, Javier; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Ramírez, Paola; Capellán Pérez, Iñigo
2020Management and design of biogas digesters: A non-calibrated heat transfer modelVilms Pedersen, S; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Singh, A.K; Sommer, S.G; Hafner, S.D.
2019Performance Analysis of a Small-Scale Biogas-Based Trigeneration Plant: An Absorption Refrigeration System Integrated to an Externally Fired MicroturbineVillarroel Schneider, Jhonny; Malmquist, Anders; Araoz, Adhemar; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Read Martin, Andrew
2020Psychrophilic Full Scale Tubular Digester Operating over Eight Years: Complete Performance Evaluation and Microbiological PopulationJaimes Estévez, Jaime; Zafra, German; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio; Gomez, Christian; Castro, Liliana del Pilar; Escalante Hernández, Humberto
2019Techno-Economic Study of a Biogas-Based Polygeneration Plant for Small Dairy Farms in Central BoliviaVillarroel Schneider, J.; Brijesh Mainali; Martí Herrero, Jaime Emilio