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dc.contributor.authorLinder, H. Peter-
dc.contributor.authorAspinall, Richard-
dc.contributor.authorBonaccorso, Elisa-
dc.contributor.authorGuayasamin, Juan M.-
dc.contributor.authorHoorn, Carina-
dc.contributor.authorOrtega Andrade, H. Mauricio-
dc.identifier.citationLinder, H. P., Aspinall, R., Bonaccorso, E., Guayasamin, J. M., Hoorn, C., & Ortega-Andrade, H. M. (2019). Editorial. Journal of Biogeography, 46(8), 1625–1626. https://doi.org/10.1111/jbi.13666es
dc.description.abstractThis issue of the Journal of Biogeography is dedicated to Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, who was born 250 years ago, on 14 September 1769. Alexander von Humboldt is often regarded as the “Father of Biogeography”. Although the very concept that any discipline has a founder may be disputed, von Humboldt´s contributions are, without a doubt, enormous, integrative and global. His lucid writing was widely read, he built up a huge network of correspondents, he assisted many young researchers, and engaged the general public generating curiosity and enthusiasm about the natural world. By the end of his long life, he had stimulated a new kind of research, similar to what we now call biogeography. Maybe as important, he also encouraged, inspired and helped many young researchers, thus ensuring that there were many people exploring the questions that fascinated him, and many people with his inclusive and humanistic world-view.es
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dc.subjectAlexander von Humboldtes
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