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2021Correction to: The role of environmental filtering, geographic distance and dispersal barriers in shaping the turnover of plant and animal species in AmazoniaDambros, Cristian; Zuquim, Gabriela; Massaine Moulatlet, Gabriel; Costa, Flávia R. C.; Tuomisto, Hanna; Ribas, Camila C.; Azevedo, Renato; Baccaro, Fabricio; Bobrowiec, Paulo E. D.; Dias, Murilo S.; Emilio, Thaise; Espirito-Santo, Helder M. V.; Figueiredo, Fernando O. G.
2022Linking high diversification rates of rapidly growing Amazonian plants to geophysical landscape transformations promoted by Andean upliftFernando Figueiredo.; André G, Thiago; Massaine Moulatlet, Gabriel; Saka, Mariana N; Araujo, Mário H T; Tuomisto, Hanna; Zuquim, Gabriela; Emilio, Thaise; Balslev, Henrik; Borchsenius, Finn; Campos, Juliana V; Silveira, Marcos
2019Making the most of scarce data: Mapping soil gradients in data‐poor areas using species occurrence recordsZuquim, Gabriela; Stropp, Juliana; Massaine Moulatlet, Gabriel; Van doninck, Jasper; Quesada, Carlos A.; Figueiredo, Fernando O. G.; Costa, Flávia R. C.; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Tuomisto, Hanna
2020Multispectral canopy reflectance improves spatial distribution models of Amazonian understory speciesVan doninc, Jasper; Jones, Mirkka M.; Zuquim, Gabriela; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Massaine Moulatlet, Gabriel; Cárdenas, Glenda; Lehtonen, Samuli; Tuomisto, Hanna
2021Revealing floristic variation and map uncertainties for different plant groups in western AmazoniaZuquim, Gabriela; Tuomisto, Hanna; Thaise, Emilio; Perez, Pablo; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Massaine Moulatlet, Gabriel; Van doninck, Jasper; Balslev, Henrik
2019The importance of soils in predicting the future of plant habitat suitability in a tropical forestZuquim, Gabriela; Costa, Flávia R.C.; Tuomisto, Hanna; Massaine Moulatlet, Gabriel; Figueiredo, Fernando O. G.